Monday, 19 August 2013

Type of sports leather jackets for women

Vented Racing leather Jackets – The racing leather jackets are preferred by riders who want to enjoy the cool wind while riding. These are deigned to have full ventilation and offer great ease to the rider. It contains a tough shell with two vents that are present on the front and rear part. The zipper on the front side has interior wind flap. The zippered pockets are present on the left and the right size. The kidney part is padded to provide extra protection to the rider.

Women’s Classic Biker Jackets –These jackets have a long cut on the back side. The motorbike jacket is for climatic control. It has got a wind flap behind the zipper and a fleece neck warmer. These elements give warm feeling during the chilly weather. The side lacing also helps adjusting your body size.
Fitted Classic Leather Jackets – These jackets are very comfortable and are made with supple cowhide ie really soft. The jacket sides are perfectly fit to make the buyer comfortable while sitting/. They come in fully zippered and have inside pockets,
Women’s Touring Jackets – This type of jackets offer comfort and protection to women riders.Velcro straps secure the leather waist to enhance the shape of women’s body. These jackets have vertical vents on the sides and front for air to flow easily.