Saturday, 17 August 2013

Removal of chewing gum from leather jackets

Leather is an extremely sensitive material. It requires care and can not survive long if dealt without care.
Leather cleaning requires knowledge and you can prolong the life of your leather jacket. 

Following are few tips to clean a chewing gum spot on your leather jacket:

Take an ice cube and put it on the chewing gum so that it hardens.Use a towel for holding the ice cube so that your hands do not get frozen. Make sure that the gum is no more soft before removing the ice cube.
2. Now take a pair of scissors to remove the gum from the leather jacket. You can also do this using a blade. But make sure that the knife, blade or scissors is not very sharp as it can hurt the leather jacket texture and can even destroy it.

3. Take a pair towel to remove all the unwanted gum particles that are ready to be removed.
4. In order to remove the left over pieces, use an adhesive tape. Put a small piece on the gum particles and pull it over. Repeat the whole process until maximum remains are removed.
5. Use a leather cleaning solution and conditioner for renewing the looks of your best leather jacket.

You can use these instructions to clean leather pants, leather hand bags and other leather items.

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