Sunday, 25 August 2013

Tips for hand made rug storage

Following are certain tips to store the Afghan hand made rug and maintain its looks:

  1. Whenever you feel the need to store the rug, always look for a place with moderate level of temperature. 
  2. Shampoo your rug with the best rug vacuum cleaner. If not possible, contact a professional cleaner for this purpose. 
  3. Purchase a quality insect killer spray and spray the rug from front as well as back end. 
  4. Roll the rug finely. Do not fold it.
  5. Use a cotton wrap for covering the rug. Never use a complete plastic wrap as it can cause mildew.
  6. Keep the rug horizontally.
  7. Keep checking your rug after few months to protect the hand made rug from infestation and moth attack.
  8. Always read the instructions mentioned on the carpet tag so that you can follow the best practices. 
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