Tuesday, 13 August 2013

How to care for your rug?

Rugs look absolutely amazing in a room and add value to room’s beauty. Following are certain tips to care for your rug in an amazing way.

Tip #1: Storage: When you are storing your thick rug for winters, you must get it cleaned from a professional cleaner. It should be stored in a place that is having moderate environment to prevent any damage.

Tip# 2: Securing care tags: Whenever you are going to purchase an entirely new piece of rug, you must store the tag for future references.

Tip# 3: Large size rugs: Ensure that you take care of your large rugs in an extravagant manner. Large rugs require special care.

Tip# 4: Small size rugs: Vacuum cleaning is done difficulty on small rugs. Put your rugs that are small in sizes outside and shake them in a vigorous way to remove all the dirt. You can hang your hand made rug and use a broom to clean it in order to remove all the dust.

Tip# 5: Dry cleaning: You must consult professional dry cleaners that can clean carpets and small rugs skillfully. The imported and hand made rugs require special dry cleaning.

Tip# 6: Pet problems: When there is accumulation of pet hair on the rug, use a hard brush to clean it vigorously. The stains of pets can be removed by using a commercial cleaner that has the ability to remove sticky stains.

Hand made rugs and delicate rugs must be used with care in order to prolong their life.

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