Thursday, 4 July 2013

How to care for a women's leather jacket?

Women leather jackets are high fashion items due to the versatility and the unique looks offered by leather. Leather is a durable material and has a long life if it is genuine and is taken care of appropriately. Products made of leather are a center of attraction for women in all ages. Leather coats, leather blazers, long leather boots and leather wallets are loved by women and there is always a notable demand for these items. The leather jackets for women are now available in matt, vintage, classic finishing so that women can enjoy the classy look and feel of the jackets at all times.
Leather needs appropriate care and if you have a leather jacket in your wardrobe then you must follow the following steps to maintain the original look and feel of the jacket:

  1. Leather jackets should be cleaned at home through leather cleaning products. Dry cleaning a leather jacket destroy the leather and your investment can go wasted in no time.
  2.  A small spot can be cleaned with water and clean cloth. If the spot is sticky then you can apply baby shampoo and clean it with wet cloth.
  3. Drying a leather jacket under the sun or heat can damage the leather. Therefore, it is important to dry the leather jacket in normal room temperature for better results.
  4. Never cover the leather jacket with a plastic wrap when you store it in your wardrobe as it can damage the leather finishing. Just keep it open and use a proper hanger so that its shape is maintained properly.

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