Saturday, 22 June 2013

What to look for when buying motorbike gloves?

Motorbike gloves play an essential role in making your ride a perfect amusement while keeping your security intact. As with other leather products, buying a motorbike glove is also tricky. Since it is something that should be durable, following factors must be considered when buying a motorbike glove:

1. Type of leather:

There are different qualities of leather gloves available in the market. You must identify from which stuff the glove is made of. This can be identifie
d by reading the attached label. The cow hide skin gloves are considered as inferior while the buffalo, elk and deer leather is of premium quality.

2. Touch and feel

The best leather gloves can be identified by feeling the leather stuff several times. The premium quality gloves are highly soft and are not elastic. They easily fit in the hands according to its shape.

3. Design Variants

Generally three types of leather gloves are offered including gauntlet, fingerless and classic style. You must analyze your need before purchasing the leather glove keeping in view the factors of weather, distance etc.The finger less gloves are feasible for the people who find it difficult to grip the handles of the bike. These are suitable for summer and spring seasons.

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